Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pools are now one of the frequent constructions of large establishments. So requirements and technical characteristic of these pools must be met with highest standards and qualities to make these leaks proof. Swimming pool waterproofing is no big deal right now. Blue Star Pools & Spa is ready to solve any problem related to swimming pool. Irrespective of the condition of the swimming pool, brand new or couple of years old, waterproofing system is required to protect the concrete and to prevent the leakage of water. Before waterproofing the pool, dust, oil or any remainders must be removed by using grinders and fresh water. Swimming pools that are newly built might have some problems related to holes or damaged concrete. To fix these problems Blue Star Pools & Spa has efficient consultant and maintenance team. Swimming pool waterproofing also involves joint treatment and plastering. Joints between floor and vertical walls must be treated with utmost care. To hinder the serious damage to the pool’s structure, under tile waterproofing or wet area waterproofing is necessary. The state of the art technology and dedicated workers helps the Blue Star Pools & Spa to be one of the most effective and innovative service provider in this arena.

Usually swimming pools have some pipes that channel the water to go inside or outside. These pipes are generally attached to concrete walls or slabs. So the whole swimming pool waterproofing system may go in vain if there is any leak exists in those pipes. With the help of cement or paint the pool may be prepared to finally to store these huge gallons of water and at the same time sustain these pressure continuously. So prior to everything it is mandatory and regarded as the rule of thumb to check the soundness of the concrete. To ensure this quality it is recommended that the concrete should be pour down to the pool in one go. Our company has the experience to handle this type of work volume at a commendable price.  The expertise and skill that we posses are fair enough to help you figuring out the best possible solutions. We are specialized in fixing any sort of waterproofing problems of pools like joints treatment, plastering, tilling and grouting etc. So waterproofing problem will not be a nightmare for you anymore as we are just a click away from you. Call us or send us an email for your swimming pool waterproofing problem and we will contact you within a shortest possible time.

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